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U.S.WAY™ Corporation is a privately owned electronics design company located in Chicago, Illinois. Allied with Department of Energy, the company has focused on meeting the demand for energy-efficient building materials uniformly in compliance with the objectives of the U.S. Green Building Council and its LEED Rating System.

U.S.WAY Product Line

Induction Lamps - The Ultimate in energy-cost savings!

LED Lamps - T8 Tubular Lamps, PAR, Reflector, 2-Pin Lamps

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) - 5W to 300W Models

Halogen Lamps - Multiple Fixtures - 12V, 50W

LED Traffic Signal Lights - Energy-efficient

LED Signs - Billboards, Message, Price, Grid, Specialty

T5 Fluorescents - Tubes and Troffers (up to 30,000 Lumens)

Vertical Axis Urban Wind Turbines - 300W to 750kW

PV Solar Modules - Thin-film and Monocrystalline

Raw Rubber - RSS1, RSS3, TSR10, TSR20, SVR10, SVR20

Architectural Designs - Total LEED "Green" Buildings.

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Induction Lamps Pay for Themselves in Savings!
By replacing one 400W High Pressure Sodium lamp with a 200W Induction Lamp, $336.20 would be saved annually. By replacing one 400W Metal Halide lamp with a 200W Induction Lamp, $477.80 would be saved annually. One hundred 165W Induction Lamps working for 12 hrs every day for 365 days will save annually 124,830 kWh, that is $14,980 at 12c per kWh compared to 400W Metal Halide lamps. No maintenance or lamp replacement for up to 17 years!!

Other GREEN Products
We also venture into Sustainable Raw Materials like rubber, latex, bamboo floors, and hardwood ornamental stairways, window frames, and doors. We have what the environmentalists and energy-saving folks are talking about. Click for more.

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