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What makes these new bulbs
a better lighting alternative?

  • Very Low Energy Consumption
    Only 18% of that consumed by incandescent bulbs. So you save 82% on your electric bill while conserving energy! Get paid to be green!
  • Very Long Operating Life
    Typical CFL life is a whopping 10,000 hours!
    Incandescents typically last only 1000 hours. So you would replace only 1 CFL instead of 10 incandescentbulbs! At 6 hours of use per day for a 100W-equivalent bulb, and 8¢/kWh, that’s a $64 savings! And the CFL lasts 4½ years!
  • Full-Spectrum Color Rendering
    The CRI (or Color Rendering Index) for CFLs is 82-86 on average, typically better than those for other CFLs on the market. Their blanced red-greenblue output is easier on the eyes and won’t cause undesirable tints in photos and home videos.
  • Safe, Low-Temperature Operation
    Compact fluorescent lamps operate well below 100°F. This puts significantly less load on your air conditioning system while also ensuring safe conditions for children, pets and fire prevention. Incandescent bulbs can burn your hands while
    halogen bulbs, typically operating near 1000°F, can start fires!

Outstanding Features

Advances in electronics, phosphor coatings, and reduction of tube size have established CFLs in their leading position in global energy-conservation programs. Their excellent color rendition and the wide variety of available sizes, shapes, and wattages make them suitable for all new and retrofit applications.

  • VOC-FREE components per LEED Standard
  • Reliable operation down to -25°C (-13°F)
  • Phosphor: HI-VISION
  • RGB colors balanced
  • Electronically switchable (by photocells, etc.)
  • High Output up to 250W (1,250W incandescent equiv.)



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